Get your ad to the right person, in the right place

Be seen by customers as soon as they pass your business, then change it to suit the weather or time of day.

We show your business to a variety of affluent & active taxi passengers in the mindset to spend and you only pay when your ad is show.

We place a 10.1” custom fitted HD display directly in front of the passenger.

You show your videos, images and text

Target the right person

Offer discounts, promote new items

And at just £0.02 per play we’re cheaper than Google Adwords

Why use Go Media?

Target the right person

With an affluent & active user base, you can target the right customer, from a business person looking for a place to book a meeting or a group of mates looking for the next bar to go to.

Advertise where you are

Have your adverts target a specific place or area.
As soon as the screen hits the GPS point, the advert starts to play.
This can also be used for triggering next stop and information on buses, taxis and trains.

Change with the time

Schedule your adverts and videos to display at different times, dates or even months.
Have breakfast but only till 10.30? Easily make your ads stop at that time.

Depending on the weather

Whatever the weather target your customers to specific adverts.

Trigger different adverts for different temperatures or weather scenarios.

You only pay if a potential customer is near you

Our unique charging structure and advertising platform means you’ll only be charged when a customer is near your business. Offer money off discounts, promote new items or just give them a nudge about current ones.

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Offer discounts or promote new items

You only pay when your advert is shown

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